5Gで文化財 東京国立博物館・文化財活用センター・KDDI共同研究プロジェクト 国宝 聖徳太子絵伝 ARでたどる聖徳太子の生涯

Virtual experience of the exhibition at home

VR at HOME allows online visitors to virtually experience the Gallery of Horyuji Treasures at the Tokyo National Museum, “Cultural Properties in 5G ; The National Treasure ‘Illustrated Biography of Prince Shotoku’”. Visitors can move freely within the venue and view the 15 episodes of “Magical Glasses”.

※Also available on 4G smartphones or tablets.

Open to the general public
Monday, October 26 - Sunday, December 27, 2020

*This service is subject to end before without prior notice.

How to use

You can move to any white circle mark (○) on the floor in the virtual venue by tapping it on the screen (smartphone or tablet) or pressing the arrow keys (PC keyboard). Why not move throughout the venue and enjoy the 360-degree view!

The red and green double circle (◎) on the “Illustrated Biography of Prince Shotoku”(“Eden”) display is for viewing “Magical Glasses” content and lets you enjoy the content in Japanese or English. Special VR goggles or other equipment is required for a VR experience, but a 3D view can be enjoyed from a smartphone, tablet or PC.