5Gで文化財 東京国立博物館・文化財活用センター・KDDI共同研究プロジェクト 国宝 聖徳太子絵伝 ARでたどる聖徳太子の生涯

The National Treasure is coming to your home

The Gallery of Horyuji Treasures at the Tokyo National Museum lets visitors enjoy “Cultural Properties in 5G ; The National Treasure ‘Illustrated Biography of Prince Shotoku’” as a high-definition AR experience by simply holding a smartphone or tablet over the display. Now the same 15 episodes of “Magical Glasses” can be experienced at home.

※Also available on 4G smartphones or tablets.

Available period 9/29~12/27

*This service is subject to end before without prior notice.

Please note that this content is data-heavy. We recommend using Wi-Fi to avoid paying high packet communication charges.

To Experience

If you are viewing directly from your smartphone or tablet please access the URL below:

If you are viewing this page on a PC, you can access this page with a smartphone or a tablet using the QR code below.

  • 日本語


The first time you open this experience,
it will take a while to load, please wait.

Recommended Environment

Device and OS

※It may not work with some devices.

iPhone: iOS11以降(iPhone7 以上)
Android: OS4.4以降


※Please launch AR Camera in the browser specified for each device.

iPhone: safari
Android: Google Chromeまたは標準ブラウザ(default browser)


  • ※To launch AR Camera, app download is not required.
  • ※Up to date browsers are required.
  • ※Please update your browser and try accessing again.
  • ※AR Camera may not work the environment conditions, such as lighting and obstacles.
  • ※When you use AR camera, please make sure you are not disturbing other people around you.
  • ※Using a smartphone while walking is dangerous. Please make sure to stop when you use it.

How to experience


Select the setting of the experience: “Open space: Standing” or “Sitting down”, Please click “accept” on all the pop-up messages to enable the necessary sensors for the experience.

Open space: Standing

If you are standing in an open space, point your smartphone or tablet at the floor or ground beneath you. Then touch the screen and AR miniature venue will appear there.

Sitting Down

If you are sitting at a desk, point your smartphone or tablet at a clear area on the desk. Then touch the screen and AR miniature venue will appear there.


The AR camera will be activated and a yellow frame will appear on screen, move the smartphone or the tablet and position the yellow frame at your preferred spot, then tap on it and a miniature version of the “Illustrated Biography of Prince Shotoku”(“Eden”) will appear.


Touch any part of the AR miniature venue on your screen to zoom in. Move the SCALE slider to enlarge up to actual size. Tap the camera icon to take a screenshot and keep holding the icon to display a menu that lets you save and/or share the image via social network.


The numbers shown on the bigger “Eden” correspond to the 15 episodes you can experience in the “Magical Glasses” experience at the exhibition. By tapping each number, you can enjoy the animations and explanations featured in “The Magical Glasses” experience at the comfort of your own home. The illustrations used in the animation were created in an easy-to-understand format under the supervision of researchers from the Tokyo National Museum. When the animation is over, use the “BACK” button in the upper left corner to return and select the next episode.


  • ●If the display of the AR miniature venue or “Eden” is not correct, please use the “BACK” button to go back to the ❷ (or ❶) screen and start over.
  • ●Please do not use the “Back” button on your browser.
  • ●The screen will be black until the video is loaded after you select the number on the enlarged “Eden”. If the video doesn’t start playing after a while, please tap on the “Back” button on the top left corner of the screen.
  • ●To change your view of “Eden” on the screen, move your smartphone or tablet left or right. You cannot reposition it by touching the screen.